Gig Works: A New Employment Initiative by the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region

Gig Works is a groundbreaking employment initiative to match adults on the autism spectrum with jobs that suit their abilities. We partner with employers to place employees in full-time, part-time, and short-term positions. We also provide training and Human Resources services to help the adults we serve to navigate the workplace.

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National data indicates that the vast majority of adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed, with estimates ranging to as high as 90%. We found in our research that traditional models of vocational rehabilitation services were not significantly improving the rate at which employees with autism were entering the workforce, securing employment at a level commensurate with their skills, and improving long-term retention rates.

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We developed the Gig Works program to better position the autism community for success in the burgeoning “Gig Economy” workforce: an environment in which short-term work engagements, temporary contracts, and independent contracting is commonplace. It pairs workers seeking flexible, short-term working arrangements with companies seeking to hire temporary contract workers in lieu of full-time employees. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would utilize the “Gig Economy” as their primary source of income. These flexible working arrangements are uniquely suited to individuals with autism. Many adults we serve are only able to work a limited workweek, due to endurance or concern that full-time employment may disqualify them from the critical benefits and supports they desperately need.

How the Program Works:

Through Gig Works, the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region partners directly with employers, helping them employ individuals with autism to fulfill their workforce needs. Gig Works also assists the employee to find otherwise elusive employment and connect with the vocational rehabilitation service system. We support our employees’ workplace success with direct training in understanding the complex rules of workplace socialization, and we aid them in accessing needed reasonable accommodations.

The Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region is passionate about providing every person with autism the opportunities they need to live their best lives. Every individual deserves a sense of purpose and self-worth that employment can provide. Positive employment experiences will help individuals with autism to improve their financial situation, lead to greater opportunities and growth in the workforce, increase social connectedness, and improve social determinants of health.

The Future of Gig Works

Gig Works will continue to explore novel ways to provide employment opportunities for the autism population. We are connected with several businesses that use our program to solve their workforce vacancies. The support we offer provides them a viable and sustainable pathway to employing individuals with significant barriers to employment. The future plans for Gig Works are to offer employment opportunities in a variety of fields and professions, and connect individuals at a range of skill levels, from entry-level employees through highly skilled individuals, to market-rate employment opportunities.

Is your company interested in utilizing the unique abilities of individuals with autism? Or are you an adult on the autism spectrum looking for employment that suits your unique needs? Email to learn more about how you can be part of Gig Works!

Become an Employer Submit Your Resume Support the Program


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