April is Autism Acceptance Month!

To mark the occasion, we are sharing voices from our community through this Digital Quilt. Individuals with autism, their family members, and community members are answering the following question:


What do you wish people knew about autism?


You Can Help: Give $54 for the 1 in 54

"Love is communicated by so many things other than words." -Carrin "I wish people knew more about the variety of symptoms in the autism spectrum. I am saddened watching people get diagnosed late and missing their chance for early intervention and being understood. I see a lot of adults who are losing jobs and relationships from not knowing their strengths and people seeing their weaknesses. I want kids to be seen so they do not sneak through the cracks in the education system." -Carri

"Autism is not just a boy's club" -Autistic Women. What I wish people knew about Autism is that one size does not fit all...and that's beautiful! Every individual with Autism has their own unique lens through which they experience this world. It's an amazing feature that should continue to be celebrated, valued, and understood! - Alina. I wish people knew that individuals with autism are just like everyone else. Happy, sad, fun, interesting, loving, kind, complicated and they want to live full and independent lives. -Cheryl

"I would like people to know that autistic kids would like to have friends just like everyone else. They would love to be invited for parties and included in play dates." -Julia "I wish people would understand that people with Autism often can't make eye contact during interactions as they are focused on listening to what is being said to them." -Sara "As the mother of a son with Autism, I wish that people knew that individuals on the autism spectrum do express love and value just as much as everyone else does." -Holly

Each person is different. While there are General diagnostic criteria, Autistic individuals are as different in abilities and personality as any non Autistic person. "We are all different, yet all the same.  Be kind and do not judge others by how they act and sound.  Individuals with disabilities deserve the same rights as everyone and must be treated fairly."  Mary B."My son with severe autism will sometimes beam for days after someone comes to visit, especially when people treat him like a regular guy."    Jennifer M.

" I wish people understood that my son doesn’t need to be “cured.”   He isn’t defective; he is just different. "   Amy B. “Fellow Spectrumites like myself have flaws, as do we all, but we also have dreams, aspirations, goals and hopes for a better, brighter future. We need help, support, patience and acceptance to help us at times, but if you were to see the world through our eyes, might you want the same thing as well.  -Brian L."One thing is hard to stick to, but if I must it would be: 'Respect  a person’s personal space. Different does not mean less, in some instances it means more.”  Janine G.

"People with autism       can learn, although they learn in different ways. Even though they may seem indifferent or just different, they are valuable members of the community and they are worth  being with."    Lisa S. MD"Coming from the mother of two sons with autism, the  best quote is read  by Robert M. Hensel  'There is no greater disability in society than the inability to  see a person  as more.'“           Tanya R.

“People with autism  can do anything  you can do... we just do it... different.”  Willie W Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region Logo, Thank you for  helping us create a lifetime of  opportunities for every person touched by autism in the Greater Capital Region.

Thank you to everyone who shared their message! We hope you enjoy this Digital Quilt to honor all diagnosed with autism. 

You Can Help: Give $54 for the 1 in 54!

1 in 54 children are diagnosed with autism every year. As the rate of diagnosis continues to grow, more and more families are in need of the services we provide. And as those children grow up, we are finding innovative ways to fill the gaps in resources for autistic adults. 

We need your help to support our community and continue our mission to improve the lives of everyone touched by autism. In honor of Autism Awareness, Acceptance, and Appreciation Month, will you give your generous support to our autism community?


You Can Help: Give $54 for the 1 in 54


Your gift will directly help individuals and families in the counties we serve navigate autism with compassionate support. Every dollar donated to the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region stays local to our community. We all benefit when people of all abilities are supported and involved. 

Is someone you know and love on the autism spectrum? Making a donation in their honor would be a wonderful way to celebrate them this month! We will be sure to notify them of your gift.

Thank you for helping us create a lifetime of opportunities for every person touched by autism in the Greater Capital Region.


You Can Help: Give $54 for the 1 in 54


Make a donation in support of autism to help support autism education, awareness, and advocacy!

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