Autism Programs Near Albany, NY and the Capital Region

The Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region runs a variety of programs out of our Community Resource Center. This is a hub for anyone in need to come to talk to a professional or look through our resources. Please feel free to call our office for the best time to come in.

Our Offerings Include

SenseAble Programs

We partner with businesses and organizations in our community to create sensory-friendly experiences and events, so individuals with autism can have fun and feel included. Contact us if you would like to work with us on creating your own autism-friendly event! Here are some of our most successful events:

  • SenseAble Science
    The Museum of Science and Innovation (miSci) offers a sensory friendly experience on the last Sunday of each month, in partnership with Schenectady ARC and the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region. The museum opens early for family members to bring a loved one with autism, and provide visual support and trained staff throughout the exhibits, as well as earplugs and a quiet space for anyone in need of a sensory break.
  • SenseAble Movies
    In collaboration with the Schenectady ARC, SenseAble Movies provide a sensory accessible movie experience for those with Autism and other sensory needs. Lights stay on and sound is lowered, and there is the ability to vocalize and move freely in the theater without fear of being asked to leave.
  • SenseAble Swimming
    We partner with local pools to host SenseAble Swimming, a great night to spend with friends and family who need a sensory-friendly place to swim. The lifeguard and staff on site have been trained by the Autism Society to be in tune with the unique needs of swimmers on the spectrum. Guests can enjoy swimming, board games, fun activities, and picnicking is encouraged.

Structured Life Coaching

In this new program specifically tailored for adults with autism, you can work with a coach to reach a goal and make changes in your life. Your coach will help you make an action-oriented plan and motivate you to keep up the momentum, serving as both a strategist and an accountability platform. A coach can help you with achieving goals for independence, socializing, mental health, and more. Contact us if you think structured life coaching will help you succeed.

College Success Program

A collaborative effort of Schenectady County Community College, Schenectady ARC and the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region that assists students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to fully participate and thrive at the college. A College Support Coach provides a variety of supportive services that help students become better acquainted with and access various campus and community-based services, understand their course schedule, access academic support services, navigate confidently to classes and campus services and develop advocacy and awareness skills.

Programs and Services by Age Range

All Ages (Family and Individual Support)

Children and Teens

  • SenseAble Science (Pre-School to High School)
  • SenseAble Swimming (Pre-School to High School)
  • SenseAble Movies (Pre-School to School-Age)


  • College Success Program (Young Adults)
  • Structured Life Coaching (Age 18-60+)
  • Adult Support Group (Age 18-60+)


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